Bunkern (English translation)

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The Bunker

I'm building a bunker, I'm digging a pit
Far away from horror and wretched screams
You'll never penetrate reinforced concrete
And can't impose thoughts on me
I dig and build a bunker of hope
Filled with articles for war, care and body
Loads of weapons and ammunition
Canned goods that will cover all my needs 1
Knifes, duct tape, dry food and files
Water purification plant and iodine, a mile2 of helicopter rope3
Silver, tea lights, bows and arrows
Until only radiation shines over the world of cockroaches
I'm building a bunker, I'm building it well
To recuperate my exhausted soul
Out there death will claim each slave of the Bilderberg4
So I dig a bunker, and not a grave
A list with names have I brought with me down here
On those bearing responsibility of the spreading terror
They sit in safety, in safe keeping
But they don't count on an avenger remaining
Assault rifle, magazine and a Glock
A tactical tomahawk as well as smoke-and-explosive grenades
The hour of revenge beats for a lost herd
Who built no bunkers and nothing had 5
  • 1. or "cover any situation"
  • 2. a Swedish mile is 10 km, which is about 6.2 English miles, but doesn't really matter here
  • 3. no clue, but think they mean "fast-rope", check wikipedia; a comment suggested paracord which might be the case, however that's normally just called paracord or "parachute cord" (fallskärmssnöre)
  • 4. check out Bilderberg meeting on wikipedia
  • 5. listening to the song this last part goes into the chorus (the one with duct tape etc.), so with that in mind the translation would be "Who built no bunkers and didn't have..."
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VarangianBardVarangianBard    Mon, 09/12/2019 - 14:54

Given the survivalist theme i’m fairly sure helikoptersnöre is paracord

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