Buon giorno (English translation)


Buon giorno

Buon giorno, zei je zacht en toen keek je mij aan
Zo begon onze liefdesroman,
Buon giorno, mio amor.
Buon giorno, daarom is ook de hemel zo blauw,
En ik voel me nooit eenzaam met jou,
Buon giorno, mio amor.
En al de bloemen die daar bloeien,
Bloeien slechts voor jou en mij.
't Lentewindje fluistert zachtjes:
"Liefste, mijn geluk ben jij!"
Buon giorno, zo begon onze liefdesroman,
En ik denk nog zo dikwijls daaraan,
Buon giorno, mio amor.
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English translation

Buon giorno

Buon giorno you said softly and then you looked at me.
Thus our romance had its start
Buon giorno, mio amor
Buon giorno, that's why the heaven's so blue
And I never feel lonely with you
Buon giorno, mio amor.
And all the flowers blooming there
Only bloom for you and me
Softly the spring breeze is whispering:
"Dearest, you are my happiness!"
Buon giorno, thus our romance began
And I'm still thinking about it many times
Buon giorno, mio amor
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Submitted by azucarinho on Sun, 10/12/2017 - 18:01
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