Antonello Venditti - Buona domenica (English translation)

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Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday, spent at home waiting,
in any case the telephone is not going to ring anymore
and your boyfriend flew away.
Happy Sunday, your mother never understand,
she's keeping telling you: "Why don't you go out?
Why don't you try to have fun?"
Happy Sunday, when you measure your room,
windows, bed, and your radio is keeping
telling you that it's Sunday.
Bye, bye happy Sunday, spent crying over the books,
in any case you know you won't have an oral exam
and it will happen tomorrow, who cares about it now?
Bye, bye happy Sunday, watching television,
with those idiots who look at you,
and who are keeping playing.
Bye, bye happy Sunday, and your sister talks and again talks,
with her dumb gaze, then
the Sunday opens the door.
Bye, bye happy Sunday, spent writing alone,
20 minutes on the same page,
and you can't suffer yourself.
Bye, bye happy Sunday, spent listening to the music,
the less he looks for you, the more you think about it.
Do think this is love?
Bye, bye Sunday, you never end,
it's 6PM and the sun is still there,
I can't call nobody.
Bye, bye Sunday, your boyfriend doesn't call you,
black sadness in your stomach,
the desire to die in your head.
But don't die on Sunday, in this useless day,
it's everything all right, look, there is even the sun,
wait till the next Sunday.
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Buona domenica

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