Miguel Bosé - Buona notte Fiorellino (English translation)

English translation

Goodnight Sweetheart

Good night
Good night my Love
Good night between the phone
And the sky
I thank you for astonished me
To swear that it's true
The big turkey in the fields is ripe
And I need you so much
The blanket is frozen
And summer is over
Good night, this night is for you.
Good night
Goodnight sweetheart
Good night between the sea and the rain
Sadness will pass
The day after tomorrow
And the ring will stay on the beach
The birds in the wind
No, they never get hurt
They have wings bigger than me
And from dawn to dusk
They are alone in the sun
Good night
This night is for you.
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Buona notte Fiorellino

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