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Buonanotte fiorellino (English translation)

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Good night little flower

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Good night, good night my darling,
good night between the phone and the sky.
I thank you for having stunned me,
for having sworn to me that it’s true.
The corn on the fields is ripe
and I need you so very much,
the ground is frozen, and summer is over.
Good night, this night is for you.
good night, good night little flower
good night between the stars and this room,
to dream of you, I need you to be close to me,
and close still isn’t enough.
Just now, a sunbeam has landed
right on my expired ticket.
Between your snowflakes, your tea leaves.
Goodnight, this night is for you.
Good night, good night little coin,
good night between the sea and the rain,
the sadness will be gone by tomorrow morning
and the ring will stay on the beach,
the little birds in the wind never get hurt,
they have wings that are bigger than mine,
and from dawn to dusk they’re alone in the sun.
Good night, this night is for you.
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Author's comments:

This is a mod of a translation that was already registered. Just a couple of things.


Buonanotte fiorellino

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