Eros Ramazzotti - Buongiorno bambina (English translation)

English translation

Good morning little girl

Good morning, little girl
Now, the sun looks at you
You are no longer scared
You want to be alone
At the moment
You are still dreaming, but ...
Oh, sweet little girl
You are moving in the world now
And you, like me
You don't know what will be (waiting)
Behind this wall
But with a strong will in you heart that you've got
You look for life beyond the blue of this sky
And you know that it isn't finished yet
You will walk along the open roads of a life
That has just begun
And even if you will loose your mind
You must not stop like this
You will continue until death
To try to find your happy life
You will find a thousand problems but something in the air
Will always give you hope
With your eyes immersed in the wind
You will understand that this life isn't a lie
Good morning little girl
It is a new day now
But you, like before
You don't stop, you walk
On your road
Without any fear, like me
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Buongiorno bambina

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