burned out

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Meanings of "burned out"


lacking enthusiasm due to overexposure or too
much of the same thing; completely used up;
worn out
Example: Joan got burned out spending so much time
volunteering at the hospital. She decided she needed
a vacation.

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"burned out" in lyrics

Zara (Turkey) - My Heart Burned With Your Longing

My heart burned with your longing
My heart lightened up and burned out
Once upon a time it flew high above

Paradosiaká (Greek Traditional Songs) - Erotokritos (The Dreary Tidings)

that I have seen you never
one candle I was holding lit
now it burned out forever

OK KID - At The End

[Part 1]
Maybe just hot air, probably burned out
Maybe it's contemporary too, and we're not at all to blame

Rammstein - Help me

I've been all alone at home
both parents out of the house
Suddenly, I saw in front of me
a little pretty⁰ box¹

Twenty7 (Grup 27) - The Street Lamp

I looked for the mornings, Throughtout the nights

I burned out, I died down, as my hopes are getting lost under the street lamp

Cengiz Kurtoglu - Tired Years of Mine

I'm a wound, which cannot get well, I bleed day and night
My years burned out for nothing
The rosebud gloomed in my heart faded before it becomes a rose

Monetochka - No Coins

To the dressing room after having paid a bribe.
Having reflected in them tragically,
I burned out with no leftovers.

Hossam Jneed - Get into a relationship

consider the past
burned out
and life gave us a lesson

Gabriel Black - Dead Yet

You used to be my heaven, now you're just hell
Ain't no way to stop it, you've got me in your spell
Baby you're a rocket but your engine burned out
And penguins fly higher than you can dream now

Hyuna - Blacklist

Who’s hot who’s not you you you you
Your head is already burned out, you you you you
Don’t ever come into my eyes again, you you you you

Mor Karbasi - Judia

like candles of consolation.

Silently, as they burned out they said:
Judia, Judia will be your name [x2]

Ahmet Kaya - Shoot Me

Tonight, I'm on the fire
I am at the end of a road
As burned out silently

Yorgos Mazonakis - Come to see

Night to night and the love is a nail
How it's in danger to be burned out of habit
How it fades away and empties the moment

Eldar Dalgatov - Broken heart

You broke my heart...

All the love in me burned out and my soul deserts my body...
I wear just sadness on my face, I'm dying, well let it be....

Sıla - Stray Man of Mine

I saw your eyes first
Your voice touched my skin like warm winds
Maybe I burned out thousand times
On one side you, other side repentences

sudannayuzuyully - Look at me now

Burned out - I can do that
Burned out - No one No one
Let's get it get it get it get it get it move on

Carla Bruni - Liberty

She put veils on her mate
Slipped on her prettiest stockings
Burned out her Sundays' habits
She watched the existence

t.A.T.u. - Stars

I'm a star, you're a star
We're ordered to be burned out
Somenoby got and leaked out

The Shack (OST) - Keep Your Eyes On Me

Keep your eyes on me
When the light in your heart is
Too burned out to see
Keep your eyes on me

Dodie - Burned Out

He was certain
So was I
There was comfort
In her sighs