Model - Buzdan Şato (English translation)

English translation

Ice Castle

Everybody is alone in their ice castle
They wants somebody to melt the walls
Everybody is captain in the stormy ocean
They wants a seaport to bring down the sails
Everybody is a fighter in their own war
They wants somebody to take down the guard
Everybody is tired from living this life
They wants lay down to somebody's knee and sleep
I'm a stark naked woman in front of you
I never showed my sorrow
In the end I'm alone
Fill, let's go, barmen, fill the glass
Let's reach the bottom of this bottle tonight
Your warm breathe is still on my pillow
I wish you were by my side now, how I wanna love you
I want to mess up everything and leave
If I drink continuously, I have a reason
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Buzdan Şato