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Bye bye

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It's an unbelievably beautiful day,
Warm outside,
He's on the train home,
Looks out the window and lets,
His thoughts run free,
Sits back relaxed,
As he doesn't have to get off soon,
A few people get on, a few get off,
He changes the song,
And suddenly a girls standing there
He thinks "wow"
Says: "sure the seats free"
She laughs and he's thinking...
[Bridge: "Him" (the guy's thoughts)
Come on,
Speak to her,
She's the most gorgeous girl you've ever seen,
Surely she's single
Stop waiting around (sich anstellen literally means 'to queue' so I'm not 100% here)
If not now then when?
But all that you/I can hear is my heartbeat
[Hook: Er]
What should I say
Something's knocked me out (think ausknocken is straight from the English, could be wrong though!)
I'm such a loser, cause I just can't do it (sich trauen means to trust oneself but that doesn't sound good in English :))
My head's full of words but they don't come out
She gets up
And gets off (the train)
Bye bye, bye bye love of my life,
And well, we won't see each other again
Could be that people meet twice in life
But by the second time it's just too late
[Verse 2:"Sie"]
It's an unbelievably beautiful day
It's warm outside
She fancies a bit of shopping in town
She need some women's things (that only women need)
A bikini, new bag and a bit of looking around (Schauen is a more general form of "sehen" so I guess here it means window shopping)
So let's get on the train,
She takes the ticket
4.70 for the journey
It's pretty hard (don't know what he means here, sorry, maybe sarcasm, maybe referring to the price)
But then she sees this guy
Thinks he's cute/sweet
Sits near him (this sentence means 'sits extra with him' so it might mean she's next to him or opposite him on a table seat)
[Bridge: Her]
Please please please come on,
Talk to me
It doesn't matter what you say (literally what you would say but in English it wouldn't sound nice)
I'll take it! (Auf etwas anspringen - jump straight on something meaning she'll answer to whatever he says)
So come on
You're my guy
We belong together (together)
If not now then when?
I hear my heart
[Hook: "Sie"]
What should I say then
Something's knocked me out
Should I risk it/go for it, just in case can't do it himself? (Again, er traut sich nicht" he doesn't trust himself)
My heads full of words,
But they don't come out,
I stand up
And get off
Bye bye, bye bye love of my life,
And well, we won't see each other again
Could be that people meet twice in life
But by the second time it's just too late
[Verse 3]
Whether you're a superhero with the ladies
Or a mummy's boy ("am liebsten bei mutti bist" prefer to be with mum)
Doesn't matter if you're a supermodel (superscharf - super sharp. Doesn't make sense in English)
Or the fatty who prefers to be with his cake/tort
Every day we all see someone we'd like to be with
These last lines are too colloquial so I'll translate them literally and see if you can work it out, sorry!
Had life planned for a long time,
But just that tiny question about their name or some of your crap (gebracht hat - brought. Don't know how that fits in)
And for that reason I think to myself, when it calls/means: yeah
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Submitted by JaseisJaseis on Fri, 09/05/2014 - 07:55
Added in reply to request by alex.carsten.1alex.carsten.1
Author's comments:

Hey! Hope this translation helps you out a bit. I've tried to 'rapify' it a bit so it sounds less like an exam question :p

If you want me to do a direct translation so you can learn what all the words mean just send me a message and I'll do that for you!

Some things in German don't make sense when translated so I included small explanations for you in brackets, but if you want me to explain them more just let me know. I've been learning German for around 7/8 years now and I'm on my year abroad in my Uni course. I also learnt a lot of German from rap and music, so we've got that in common and that's why I wanted to do this one for you. If you want more help or tips don't worry about sending me a message. Germany is a great place and when you can understand all the different music, it makes listening to it so much better!

Good luck with German!


Bye Bye (alte und neue Version)

SilentRebel83SilentRebel83    Fri, 09/05/2014 - 08:00

good job. I'm not sure if you're aware, but you can use the footnote tag to reference everything apart from the actual translation.

JaseisJaseis    Fri, 09/05/2014 - 08:03

Hey, thanks a lot. No I didn't know that, maybe I'll edit this later to clean it up Regular smile cheers

malucamaluca    Fri, 09/05/2014 - 09:03

"Stell Dich nicht so an" means "Don´t make such a fuss about it" or "Don´t be such a pussy" or somethng like that

"sich etwas trauen" means "to dare sth", "to have the courage to do sth"

"setzt sich extra zu ihm hin" means "she chooses the seat next to him on purpose"

"Muckis" is slang for "Muskeln" muscles

"superscharfes Model" means "superhot model"

it would be the fatty with HER cake

"Jeder von uns sieht jeden Tag irgendjemand mit dem er gerne sein Leben schon längst verplant hat
Doch eben die kleine Frage nach dem Namen oder irgendeinem Scheiß nicht gebracht hat
Und deshalb denk an mich, wenn es heißt:..."

"Every day we all see someone we would love to plan the rest of our lives with
But couldn´t get out the little question for the name or some other crap
so think of me when it goes:..."

JaseisJaseis    Fri, 09/05/2014 - 10:35

Vielen Dank für die Tips!
Manchmal ist es schwer Songs zu übersetzen, besonders wenn die Sätze über zwei oder drei Linien geschrieben wurden.

Sich trauen - to have the courage, schöne Übersetzung! Ich glaub ich wollte das sagen aber das Englisch einfach vergessen habe.

Nochmal danke, ich hab auch was gelernt Regular smile

alex.carsten.1alex.carsten.1    Fri, 09/05/2014 - 13:44

Wow! Thanks! All of it makes sense once you see it, I was scratching my head for an hour trying to figure the meaning of this last verse but once I saw it in English and compared the two I had a Aha! moment.

And it looks like some of the thinks you were unsure of got cleared up in the comments!

Vielen Dank!

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