Când voi fi mare [When I Am Older] (English translation)

  • Artist: Frozen 2 (OST)
  • Featuring artist: Viorel Ionescu
  • Song: Când voi fi mare [When I Am Older]

Când voi fi mare [When I Am Older]

Ce-a fost asta? Stela?
Voi pricepe tot când voi fi mare
Va avea un sens numai când cresc
Când voi fi adult isteț
Fiecare flecușteț
Îl voi pricepe ca pe ceva firesc
Voi avea răspuns cand voi fi mare
Voi ști de ce mă aflu unde sunt
Știu că o să am de-aflat
De ce sunt acum speriat
Și orice tremur, orice fapt mărunt
Un adult știe bine
Să se adapteze ușor
Când voi fi matur
O să pot să fiu imun
Când mă urmărește cineva îngrozitor...
Deci, voi pricepe tot când voi fi mare
Iar eu nu o să mă consum așa intens
Astăzi pot doar să visez, ca voi fi adult isteț
Când voi fi mare, fiecare lucru are sens
E normal
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When I grow up*

What was this? Stela?
I will understand everything when I grow up
It will make sense only when I grow up
When I will be a wise adult
Every little thing**
I will understand it as if it was perfectly natural
I will have an answer when I grow up
I will know why I am where I am standing now
I know that I got many things yet to find out
Why am I so scared
And every tremor, every insignificant thing
Excuse me
An adults knows well
How to easily adapt to it
When I will be mature
I can be immune
When something terrifying is chasing me
So, I will understand everything when I grow up
And I won't suffer that much
Today I can only dream that I will be a wise adult
When I grow up, everything makes sense
It's normal
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Author's comments:

*A fi mare: literally means "to be big" and it refers to growing up, to get older. It is usually used by small kids or teenagers when they want to say "I want to become an adult/grown-up" ( Vreau să fiu mare )
- a creşte: this one is the verb "to grow"
**I think flecuşteţ is some sort of regional diminutive for the word "fleac", which refers to something easy to solve, something irrelevant. It is more or less like the English "piece of cake".

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