C'est si bon (English translation)

  • Artist: Yves Montand (Ivo Livi)
  • Also performed by: Jean-Claude Pascal, Jean Marco, Eartha Kitt, Eddie Constantine
  • Song: C'est si bon 4 translations
  • Translations: English, German, Greek, Romanian
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It’s So Good

I don’t know if there is anyone more blonde,
But more beautiful, there is none for me.
She is truly all the joy in the world.
My life begins the instant I see her,
And I go, “Oh!”
And I go, “Ah!”
It’s so good
To go out, no matter where,
Arm in arm1,
Singing songs.
It’s so good
To say sweet words to each other,
Little nothings-at-all,
But which take a long time to say.
Seeing our delighted demeanor,
The passers-by in the street envy us.
It’s so good
To watch her eyes
For a miraculous hope
That gives a thrill.
It’s so good,
These little feelings,
It’s worth better than a million—
It’s so, so good!
You can guess what happiness is ours,
And if I love her, you understand why.
She intoxicates me, and I don’t want any others,
For she is all women at once.
She makes me go, “Oh!”
She makes me go, “Ah!”
It’s so good
To be able to embrace,
And then to start again
At the least excuse.
It’s so good
To play the piano
All the length of her back
While we’re dancing.
It’s unheard-of, what she has for seducing,
Not to mention what I can’t say!
It’s so good,
When I hold her in my arms,
To tell myself that all this,
It’s mine for good.
It’s so good,
And if we are in love,
Don’t look for the reason—
It’s because it’s so good!
It’s because it’s so good!
It’s because it’s so good!...
  • 1. lit.: arm over, arm under
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C'est si bon

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