C'est La Vie (English translation)


C'est La Vie

Ne laisse pas le temps te décevoir
ll ne peut être conquis
Dans la tristesse, dans la douleur
Aujourd'hui, demain
Au fil du temps
Le temps
C'est la vie
也许我会再遇见你 像恋人般重逢美丽
看你满脸胡渣的笑意 爽朗一如往昔
C'est la vie, c'est la vie, c'est la vie
走一个城市的陌生 走到了 曙光无知无觉的黎明
一路微笑的满天繁星 消失在日出里
C'est la vie
Oh 塞纳河的水 是心的眼泪
流过了你笑的 每个样子(一去不回)
我会在你的记忆 看到我自己
看到了结局 爱在错过后更珍惜
都将走向新的旅程 au revoir
看车窗外的你沉默不语 我不再哭泣
C'est la vie
Oh 塞纳河的水 是心的眼泪
流过了漂泊的 人生风景
愿我们各自都有 美好的一生
美好的憧憬 爱在遗憾里更清晰
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English translation

That's Life

don't let time let you down
it can't be conquered
in sadness, in pain
today, tomorrow
over time
that's life
maybe I'll meet you again, reunite beauty like lovers
see the smile on your stubbly face, candid as always
that's life, that's life, that's life
walking the unfamiliarity of a city, to the dawn, unwitting, unfeeling daybreak
the stars that fill the sky, smiling all the way, disappear into the sunrise
that's life
that's life
that's life
oh, the waters of the Seine are tears of the heart
flowed past every way you smiled (gone never to return)
I will see myself in your memories
[I've] seen the ending, cherish love more after [I've/you've] missed it
will walk toward a new journey, goodbye
we agreed we wouldn't stop for each other
see you silent outside the car window, I don't cry anymore
that's life
that's life
that's life
oh, the waters of the Seine are tears of the heart
flowed past the drifting scenery of life
may we each have a beautiful life
beauty to look forward to, love is clearer in regret
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