Damien Saez - Cadillac noire (English translation)

English translation

Black Cadillac

In my black Cadillac
I ride across the cities
I pick up chicks
in my black Cadillac
Of course we take drugs
spoonfuls of mescaline
Of course we get laid,
yeah, of course we get laid.
I got the tinted glass,
a reflecting black
to reflect the outside,
yes, my own pain.
In my hearse
In my black Cadillac
I'm hiding the tombs
of all broken hearts
In my black Cadillac
chicks are smiling
so hard their teeth show
they could have a bite of you
Yeah, inside my black Cadillac
we sure are all guilty
of not using rubbers1
hey, in my convertible.
The gear is automatic
but the lever is manual,
to preserve the pleasure
of accelerations.
And the snakes can bite
day and night.
Order never rules
in my paradise.
Come on a ride with me,
on my velvet seats
front or back
straight or doggy style
Come on a ride with me
I'll be your shaman,
the one who knows how to
breed day from night
Hey hey hey
I like to let a thong slap on a bimbo's ass,
lay down your landing strip on the speakers
Shoot memories of you on my iphone
tell you you'll become my movie star,
to hear them moan on the velvet seats
when their pleading lips flash me some smiles.
Come on, dance for me and if your heart is black,
come on, come to Daddy at the rear of the Cadillacs
I have my pack of whores, see them bay for blood,
they end up on our heels, the lovemaking pussies.
You and me, it's no future, from New York to Tokyo.
Come and see in the car, yeah, the king of the ghetto.
And if your heart is black...
In my Cadillac
  • 1. "capote" means "condom" but also "convertible hood", and "décapoter" means "folding the hood" but can be understood as "having sex without condom"
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Pfff... I'm sad to see how bad these lyrics are.
Poor Damien must be having a bad time.


Cadillac noire

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