On call

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On call (English) — able to be contacted in order to provide a professional service if necessary, but not formally on duty

English, explained by St. Sol on Sat, 10/03/2018 - 02:30

On call — по требованию; по вызову

Russian, explained by St. Sol on Sat, 10/03/2018 - 02:27

On call — Na raspolaganju tokom jedne smene. Dežuran.

Serbian, explained by sajlovicnatasa on Mon, 01/05/2017 - 22:12

"On call" in lyrics

I’ll be your keeper for life as your guardian
I’ll be your warrior of care your first warden
I’ll be your angel on call, I’ll be on demand
The greatest honor of all, as your guardian

Alanis Morissette - Guardian

You've got the keeey
Call me Goddess hey, call me Goddess
You've got the key to turn me on
Call me Goddess hey, call me Goddess
You've got the key to turn emmm

Enca - Call Me Goddess

lit up
with the grace of your
Holy Virgin Mary,
Go on call him, if you want,
the Chief
of Police,

Max Gazzè - Under the House

I wish I could hold you with me some more
Hold you like that

Come on, call me tomorrow too
I love to speak with you
Even tough for every thing

Eros Ramazzotti - Song for her

I don't know even your name
but I'm not regretting,no
come on call the cab
maybe I'll call you later

Seka Aleksić - Aspirin

Don't be shy, I promise to please ya
te quiero, te quiero
I'm gonna show ya
Come on, call me bonita
Don't be shy, I promise to please ya
Gettin' hotter

Elena Gheorghe - Midnight Sun

From which planet have you came
And your beauty seduces me
Which hospital is on call tonight
I maybe need it

Panos Kiamos - You kill

I believe in woman, my oh my.
I believe in lovin', my oh my.
Don't a woman need a man?
Try and catch one if you can.
I believe in woman, my oh my.

Slade - My Oh My

Oh, will you walk away
Will you walk on by
Come on, call my name
Will you call my name

Simple Minds - Don't You (Forget About Me)

when you connect 7 nights

<em><strong>Ref: </strong>
Come on, call me tonight at 3am, insomnia
I'm not even sleeping as a hobby anymore
call me tonight at 5am, insomnia

Jelena Karleuša - Insomnia

Man, your girl so bad, let me get her
Your girl so bad, let me get her
I make my own luck, I make that pussy talk
On call to the fall, he can like it or not
Nigga, back the fuck up
If you ain’t with me, motherfucker, you against me

The Weeknd - King Of The Fall

the Police has blue lights, the Police is the State's authority,
the police has bumped off seven people last year,
the Police has boats, the police has tear gas,
Policemen are called Torsten, Melanie and Thomas,
the Police locks you up in the detention cells,
the Police is your enemy, the Police is my helper.

Jan Böhmermann - I've got policemen

If you with it
(Shake that, shake that)

Late nights, no dress code
She stay fly like jets go
Don't have no reasons, ain't got no M.O.

Cameron Dallas - She Bad

I'm on call, to be there.
I'm on call, to be there.
I'm on call, to be there.
I'm on call, to be there.

Kings of Leon - On Call

Seems so many relationships that resemble love
Just for comfort
And none of the above
Too scared to call it
To break away, to break away
You got the fear

Bipolar Sunshine - Love More, Worry Less

I don't even know your name
but I'm not regretting, no
come on call the cab
maybe I'll call you later

Seka Aleksić - Aspirin

I'm a fool to mess with you
And everyone I know says
It's a stupid thing to do
I have your love on call
And yet my day is not so full
There might be nothing left to do

Coldplay - I ran away

I'm a love druggie
Falling for these drug junkies
Come on call on me
Besides these x parties
It's fucking hard on my body

Mendoza - Love Druggie

and I've not been on call in the love
if you want scream and swear at me
I am not your woman - you got me confused (like he got her for an other woman)
an other one was on call in the love

Emanuela - on call in the love

White bitch go, ’bout to blow like the wind
Penthouse too roof top at the wind
When I win, when I win I win, no when I wid ’em they good like shin
Got hoes on call, got hoes on call to come through take a pro-to-call
Just damagin’ that’s my protocol
Dismantle ya, Australians on Slauson, no camera, I don’t care who you are

Iggy Azalea - D.R.U.G.S

she found out about April so she chose to March
damn another broken heart
I keep bitches by the two’s nigga, Noah’s Ark
I got a seven on me, I call my dro the mark
plus a trojan in my pocket, Matt Leinert
G-A-T in the pathfinder

Kanye West - So Appalled

I've already given up on,
Pleasures of this world,
Come on call me out,
And I will pack up and come to you right now.

Sezen Aksu - I've Been Burnt Out

I believe that we can achieve
The love that we need
I believe, call me naïve
Love is for free

Pet Shop Boys - Love Etc.

My heart is beating like crazy to you, for you
What it would be, if you take me on your bosom

I'd be crazy,crazy, if you'd call me one time
My everything is meaningless if I can't see you
It burns, it tires the fire of this passion

Ege - It's Crazy Love

since recently some rhythm, so new craziness lives in my head
only you're not there
but the smells/aromas are the same, just like before the same sky is blue
come on, call me

Dino Merlin - Come On, Call Me

even if it was one word

come on , call for me

I hope you need me ( I hope you need me someday )

Mohammed Abdu - Al Fajar Al Baeed

This is X and O, X and O
Bielefeld* with hit-level(?)
Exertaler** so perfect with 3 million downloads and so
sitting by the pool
Enjoy pretty lousy 40 centigrade
Look we are sweating, it's hot

Casper - Circle

You want a rapper?
You’ll get a rapper!
I don’t party like David Guetta,
They call me Silla, my gang is Maskulin
And you fuckers are just jealous, ‘cause the girls
know us

Fler - You Want a Rapper (explicit)

Long, grey autumn,
You're still an open wound
Painful are these days
Come on, call me...

Chorus x2

Lexington Band - I don't know who you belong to

I can mount on wings like eagles and soar
When I call on Jesus
Mountains are gonna fall
‘Cause He’ll move heaven and earth to come rescue me when I call

Weary brother

Nicole C. Mullen - Call on Jesus

Oh, little girl, so when you're lonely
Oh, come on, call me, I'll be there

I'm not a crazy fool, I call it deep emotion
I'm not a foolish guy, I try to make it true

Blue System - All what I need

The women have no other name for you
Come on, undress me rudely
Punish me cause you're unhappy with another (women)
Come on, call me a bitch!
I don't feel anything, torment me as long as you want
Everything in me is dead

Tsvetelina Yaneva - Come on, make me to cry

Kay One:

Hey, answer the bell! Do you really think I admit of being kicked out? I don´t care, what are you saying? Shut up! Answer the bell or i´ll shy a stone at your window. Okay your bitch, okay. You can´t say anything, i said answer the bell! I don´t care, get a move on! Call the police, your mum shall call the police, i don´t care man!


Bushido - I love you

[Verse 2]
There were times I think about us
Overcome by the nostalgias
I am on call when you need me, let me know
But we’re drifting in a strange way
I’m aware that it’s mistake if I love you

Mike Posner - In The Arms Of A Stranger

I'm the one you can call when you need me,(need me)
You can trust in me girl believe me,(believe me)
On call from the morning to the evening,(evening)
I'll be your man hold your hand any season,
I can be there for you, for you,

Mr. Capone - Let me Love you

Said old Pa, "She don't get off, unless somebody standing near her."
"And she'll shine, once she's crossed the line, hands all tied to the chair."
I said, "Lay it now on the ground, throw in a white noise sound, like a tranny on a ten."
Comes home on call, isn't that peace,
fingers in the dirt, and he's spitting out his teeth
He's spitting out his teeth

Kings of Leon - Trani

Count on me through thick and thin
A friendship will never end
When you are weak, I'll be strong
Helping you to carry on
Call on me, I will be there

Whitney Houston - Count On Me

If you complain, everybody believes police
If you don‘t behave police calls SEK (SWAT)
Police calls, sirens wail, support arrives
On-call police from bavaria and saxony
Will break your legs, Beppo
Suck the tonfa, victim. Now you see stars

Jan Böhmermann - I got police

Country boys and city girls
Travelling to a foreign world, world
Oh, Da Vinci riot police
Cold War preacher on your street alone, alone

It started when your mother was young

George Ezra - Da Vinci Riot Police

Maybe someone will come to climb up in the stalk
Hardly, I might be Narcissus's soul brother (where's my mirror?)
They argue that with the armor I hide my smallness, I can't say that I haven't bought any stupid thoughts
I love sense, you can call me to young Socrates's
And I can drink the poison, if it is justified
Anyway I think I have represent enough

Cheek - Jare Henrik Tiihonen

[Kanye West:]
How long you niggas ball? All day, nigga
How much time you spent at the mall? All day, nigga
How many runners do you got on call? All day, nigga
Swish, swish, how long they keep you in court? All day, nigga
Take you to get this fly? All day, nigga

Kanye West - All Day

Another women talks about me
run from the loneliness
come on call me
When I see you
my heart is anxious

Chae Yeon - Only you

Jack and Johnnie,
Jack and Jack and Johnnie,
Jack and Johnnie,
Jack and Johnnie are calling.

Connect - Jack and Johnnie

I guess I must've threw you for a loop like Toucan Sam
When I said I could use the sample cause you's a tramp
But look how you react to this trigger like
When I call you a bigger dyke than the Hoover Dam
You're playing right in Lex Luthor's hand
It's such a ruthless plan, might even lose a fan

Eminem - Shady CXVPHER

I can't lust myself
For the sake of my picketing peeps
I try to runs it's just no help
She got me on call ,got my intention grown
Bought me a pound and she rolls

Robin Thicke - Suga Mama

I was connected to you one night,
And another night I wasn’t in control
This string of fate is too transparent
It excites me
I dance as if I were still dreaming

Taemin - Mystery Lover

The Cartel[fn]I.E. the band[/fn] are indoctrinated in the mentality of the programmes, man

They call you a dealer, they see you as a criminal
That only makes you stronger, the road to haven can go through hell
Never forget: there is always someone that hears you!

Kartellen - Underclass Music

Not for me, be discreet
I should try not to yawn
I shut em' down, shut em' down
Like a sniper on call

Oh, I know how to feel

Bridgit Mendler - Atlantis

My soul is distressed,
I was feeling that you were far away,
you were coming on call, increasingly rarely,
I feel like crying,
I want to shout,

Valton Krasniqi - Just a Dream

You know I'm always on call
I know you're always on call
You know I'm always on call

Luhan - On Call (时差)

I'll never say never to your wishes
I'll never let you fall
You always know, always know I'm with it
I'm always on call


DNCE - Pay My Rent

Unfortunately, once again, not a little bit further
Songs tell me "The sun shines for you."
But I look down on the ground at a salty puddle
Read your mails, the (my) finger on "call", as if it's a trigger
But (I) don't press it, (I) send you a text
You delete it because you think "Give me some time. I need to learn to be happy again."

Tim Bendzko - At any cost

She told me to stop, I didn't know how
time was ticking, I thought it was simply that
she told me I wasn't thinking of us
I'm born to walk, to not hear a voice

Again, she didn't wait for a bit of that suspicious freedom

Van Gogh - Thin Thread

A lot of pent up aggression coming out of my section
OVO on me while y'all niggas was playing dress-up
And I know who gon' take the fall with me
They right here on call with me, they all with me
You could throw curve balls but I got the glove fitted
They been saying it's love, but it isn't love, is it?

Drake - Views

For you my love, I'll bring the stars together
For you my girl, we'll count them all
For you my love, I'll make my place look better
For you my girl, always be on call

I wanna take you for a ride

Akcent - I turn around the world

Niggas keep reaching and dissin'
Put me in a fucked up position
Make me call my bros for assistance
Make me call my bro

Drake - Sneakin'

That just like every other guy, all I think about is sex
When I'm out there, among thousands of women,
You think that I take one of them home
Believe it, come on, call me deaf and blind
Please, believe that I don't need you
You think that you don't mean anything to me anymore

Timeless - Tell Me Where You Are

Fare fare fanfare
Lalalala lalalalalala
I can not meet anyone but you
Trust me and give me a chance Come on call my name
Lalalala lalalalalala Fare fare fanfare

SF9 - Fanfare

[Hook: Chris Brown]
Call me when it's over
Cause I know what to do to treat you right
So call me when it's over
I'll be sure to make it worth your while this time
Call me when it's over

Rockie Fresh - Call Me (When It's Over)

[Verse 1]
I got more hoes than Kanye West clothes
These bitches swallowin' and drippin' like a fuckin' toe
Won't kiss your body in saliva [?]
Bae don't worry bout em I got 'em woah
Fendi with Prada, need no stylists I dress clothes

Young Thug - Texas Love

You know I'm always on call
I know you're always on call
You know I'm always on call
Tell me you need me

Luhan - On Call

She turns me on like a merchandise over which I'd get in a quarrel with a narco cartel
Her Latino booty - Panama, her narrow waist - tenuous
She shines, she twists like Ducatti in the chicaneries
I call her: La Gitana
In my hands she's a melody like La Guitare(****)

Jala Brat - Bad (girl)

From now on wear my love for you loose
From now on I am just passing through
From now on trust my feeling is true
From now on call me Royal Blue


Cold War Kids - Royal Blue

So confused, just so-so
Someone was already here before you
So ecstatic, so monotonous
So on call, so autonomous
Fun before pleasure
Falling is like flying at first

Tubbe - Punk Grandpa

Spinnin' out lyrics since the day I was born
And the amount of lyrics I got is against the law
How many girls have I got on call waiting
About ten, bad man's hating
I got a key I'm gonna lock it, one, two, three

Scooter - Suavemente

Your day ended beautifully. I'll feel hurt from tomorrow on.

Call me so I can make your day end beautifully
and then walk away quickly! I know why you're calling me.
For you it's just an affair, for me is love.
Your day ended beautifully. I'll feel hurt from tomorrow on.

Galena - Officially Forbidden

You’ll know where I’ll be
Where to find me
For hard talk
To call it off or bring it on
A proposal
If you’re broken,

Imogen Heap - You Know Where to Find Me

[Hook (2x):]
You don't stop gossiping itz ok
You scold me on the web itz ok
Casually you call me bitch itz ok
Your boyfriend treat me as goddess itz ok

Double.J - It's OK

You know I'm always on call
I know you're always on call
You know I'm always on call
gàosu wǒ nǐ xūyào wǒ

Luhan - On Call (Shíchā)

These are days when those gray skies
Make you blue
Each forward step you take
You fall back by two

You've been hit by some hard knocks

Sailor Moon (OST) - Call My Name

Came a long way man, from tours, first act on doing encores
Fit in or stand out, either or, quick to pick which I want more
Went high grade, gone top drawer, game on point, numbers on board
Made my second home airport floors, been on call for those long hauls
Damn (damn), said I'd do it, I did it (I did it)
Put my mark on map like I googled the image (ayy)

Illy - Forget It

I surrender, I kneel down
I'm dying to find the reason to hold on
Call the lies! Call the lies!
I surrender...

Entwine - Surrender

We're going out with a bang
Last call, so make it count
One more round, so don't let me down
On call, crank it loud while you can

We're going out with a bang

Amphibious Zoo Music - Going Out With A Bang

Follow m-m-me just like this
Shout out louder sing wit me
From n-n-now on call me first lady
I’m tonight’s dancing queen

Brave Girls - So Sexy

Well, I've heard the bawdy tunes
I've been in honky-tonk saloons
I took my liquor by the vat
Ah well, I stayed on call for a rousing brawl
Home was where I hung my hat

Harry Belafonte - Angelina

Wait, but be on call
Shake hundreds of hands, hands
One more lap of the calendar
Know, simply know and then
Simply know, that you are
And this means that not everything was in vain

Emma M - With the Sparks


Once our Sofya got a fever, took to bed and all.
Forty doctors tried to cure her, with a nurse on call...
Thought and thought and guessed for ages,
Tons of notes covered their pages,

Arkadiy Severnyi - Sofka Jumps Around and Shakes It

And Call the Cert, Ari, Papato, Batora and Maomé
And Call the Cert, Ari, Papato, Batora and Maomé
And Call the Cert, Ari, Papato, Batora and Maomé
And WHO? Its the Rany Money!

ConeCrew - Call the bois