Ruben Blades - Caminando (English translation)

English translation


Walking, you learn about life,
Walking, you know what “the deal” is
Walking, the wound heals
Walking, when left yesterday
In Puerto Rico, Panamá,
Colombia or New York
If you don’t live, you cant’ taste
the flavor of love.
Walking, I tripped over a thousand times,
Walking, but I never quit
Walking, between laughter and pain
Walking, ahead and with faith.
With time I understood,
that in life there’s room for everything
That nothing erases the memories
Of what one has walked
Walking, looking at a star.
Walking, listening to a voice
Walking, following a footstep
Walking, that someone else walked
Walking, searching for life
Walking, looking for love
Walking, healing the wound
Walking, that pain leaves behind
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