Un pinguino en mi ascensor - CAMP (English translation)

English translation


I didn't knew what to do to wash whiter than my neighbour
my husband was fired fomr the bank and started to sniff coke
one line after another
we were leaving our lives in the nose
until you appeared on the screen
and you made me happy
Let me be your can of Colon
let me be your pack of Kalia
I want you to make me yours on TV
and I'm not gonna search
and I'm not gonna compare
because I know I won't find anyone like you
Manuel Luque.
Four days were left for Mari Puri's communion
she threw over the sulfuric acid can, and was left worse than Ian Dury
my husband started to smoke joints
but I don't care at all
because even if my daughter is made a mess
I know now everything will change
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Author's comments:

CAMP was a Spanish cleaning products business. Manuel Luque was its main director in the late 80's, and he starred many ads promoting their products like the detergents Colon and Kalia. He used to finish his ads saying "Search, compare, and if you find something better, buy it"