Maria del Mar Bonet - Cançó del bon amor (English translation)

English translation

Song of True Love

The moon hasn't yet disappeared from the sky;
If I look up, I'll be able to see it.
I'm singing in the middle of the street
My true love, right in front of your house.
Right in front of your house, there are
My true love, two carob trees;
I would like to be a tree...
For then, you'd see me more frequently!
Right in front of your window, there is
My true love, a field of daisies.
I don't want any daisies,
I'd rather have you first.
The wind says that you don't love me
My true love, but I don't believe it.
The wind howls, it moves the trees,
But it doesn't know anything about love.
Your bredroom's walls are so white
My true love, but your room looks so sad...!
It is filled with words
That I don't want to hear at all.
The moon has already disappeared from the sky
My true love, but you're not here;
I'm singing all alone
And only the wind keeps me company...
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Cançó del bon amor

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