Can vei la lauzeta (English translation)


Can vei la lauzeta

Can vei la lauzeta mover
De joi sas alas contral rai,
Que s'oblid' e.s laissa chazer
Per la doussor c'al cor li vai,
Ai tan grans enveya m'en ve
De cui qu'eu veya jauzion,
Meravilhas ai, car desse
Lo cor de dezirer no.m fon.
Ai, las tan cuidava saber
D'amor, e tan petit en sai,
Car eu d'amar no.m posc tener
Celeis don ja pro non aurai.
Tout m'a mo cor, e tout m'a me,
E se mezeis e tot lo mon!
E can se.m tolc, no.m laisset re
Mas dezirer e cor volon .
Anc non agui de me poder
Ni no fui meus de l'or' en sai
Que.m laisset en sos olhs vezer
En un miralh que mout me plai.
Miralhs, pus me mirei en te,
M'an mort li sospir de preon,
C'aissi.m perdei com perdet se
Lo bels Narcisus en la fon.
De las domnas me dezesper!
Ja mais en lor no.m fiarai!
C'aissi com las solh chaptener,
Enaissi las deschaptenrai.
Pois vei c'una pro no m'en te
Vas leis que.m destrui e.m cofon,
Totas las dopt' e las mescre,
Car be sai c'atretals se son.
D'aisso's fa be femna parer
Ma domna, per qu'e.lh o retrai ,
Car no vol so c'om deu voler,
E so c'om li deveda, fai.
Chazutz sui en mala merce,
Et ai be faih co.l fols en pon!
E no sai per que m'esdeve,
Mas car trop puyei contra mon.
Merces es perduda, per ver,
Et eu non o saubi anc mai,
Car cilh qui plus en degr'aver,
No.n a ges, et on la querrai
A can mal sembla, qui la ve,
Qued aquest chaitiu deziron
Que ja ses leis non aura be,
Laisse morrir, que no l.aon
Pus ab midons no.m pot valer
Precs ni merces ni.l dreihz qu'eu ai,
Ni a leis no ven a plazer
Qu'eu l'am, ja mais no.lh o dirai.
Aissi.m part de leis e.m recre!
Mort m'a, e per mort li respon ,
E vau m'en, pus ilh no.m rete,
Chaitius, en issilh, no sai on.
Tristans, ges no.n auretz de me,
Qu'eu m'en vau, chaitius, no sai on.
De chantar me gic e.m recre,
E de joi e d'amor m'escon .
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English translation

When I see the lark

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When I see the lark
Joyfully moving its wings against the sun's rays,
And falling because of the sweetness
That enters its heart, ah!
A great envy comes upon me
Of all those who I see happy
I am astonished that
My heart does not melt with desire.
Alas! I thought I knew so much
About love, and I know so little,
Because I cannot stop loving the one
From whom I will never obtain anything.
She has taken my heart, myself, herself,
And the whole world,
And has left me with nothing but yearning
And a languishing heart.
I no longer have power over myself,
And am no longer my own person,
From the moment when she lets me look into her eyes,
That mirror that pleases me so.
Mirror, since I am mirrored in you,
My sighs have caused my death,
For I am lost just as Narcissus lost
Himself in the fountain.
I despair of women;
Never more shall I trust them.
As once I exalted them,
Now shall I cast them down.
Since I see that not one of them is for me
Against she who destroys and confounds me,
I doubt and mistrust them all,
Since I well know they are all the same.
And in this I see that my lady is very much a woman,
And that is why I criticize her.
For she does not want that which she should want,
And that which she is forbidden, she does.
I am fallen very low,
And I have acted like the fool on the bridge.
And I don't know why this has happened to me,
Unless it's because I tried to mount too high.
Since nothing works any more with my lady -
Neither prayers nor pity nor my rights concerning her;
And since it no longer pleases her that I love her,
I will never more say it to her.
And so I take my leave and go away from her.
She has killed me, and I respond to her with death.
And I leave, since she doesn't retain me,
I the unhappy one, into exile, I know not where
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