Çanakkale Türküsü (English translation)

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Gallipoli Folk Song

They shot me in Gallipoli
They put me under while I was alive
Alas, my youth!
Gallipoli bridge is narrow it can't be crossed
Its water has turned to red blood, it can't be drank
Alas, my youth!
Bazaar with mirrors in Gallipoli
Mother, I'm going towards the enemy
Alas, my youth!
A full jug in Gallipoli
Parents have given up hope
Alas, my youth!
I got out of Gallipoli on my toes
My lungs have been rotted from vomitting blood
Alas, my youth!
Lined up willow trees in Gallipoli
Couragous heroes are lying under them
Alas, my youth!
I got out of Gallipoli I'm safe
All hell broke loose before I could make it to Sulva
Alas, my youth!
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A sorrowful folk song...


Çanakkale Türküsü

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