沧海一声笑 (Cāng hǎi yī shēng xiào) (English translation)


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The above song is in Mandarin by 3 artists like James Wong, Xu Ke and Ta-yu Lo. The theme song of the film, Chong Hoi Yat Sing Siu (滄海一聲笑; A Sound of Laughter in the Vast Sea), was composed by Wong Jim, who also wrote its lyrics, and performed in Cantonese by Sam Hui. Source : The Swordsman or Swordsman is a 1990 Hong Kong wuxia film. The film is adapted from Louis Cha's novel The Smiling, Proud Wanderer.

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the sea is laughing

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He stand there, and listen, the sea is laughing,
and the wave come to every place
he decide to forget all the past, nomatter is happy or sad or angry,he just wish to do what he can do now, let the destiny take him to any place.
(The wind come) ,it sound like the god is laughing(苍天笑,苍天,in this place means the god, which can control the destiny).
The world is always change(纷纷世上潮,it means sometimes you'll win ,sometimes you lost....such as the earth is a round ball)
Who will win, who will lose,
only Heaven knows
(all these) the world is laughing(江山笑),
the rain is very little, like the fog, and it can't touth the man.(烟雨遥)
(江山 means the world ,in another song, a king said 朕知江山美如画——I know that my country is very beauty, like the picture),
(烟雨遥 it's to say that this man is alone, though the rain can make all the person wet, the rain can't touth him.)
the Seculars is washed by this wave ,but no one know what the things really be
(涛浪=浪涛, Cantonese mean the same thing, 淘尽, wash....such as , wash a dirty thing and then ,
you can see what it really is. 红尘俗世 the world we live , of course there are some happy things ,but it have some ugly things ,too. It not like the world in the heaven, which is pure. SO, no matter how the wave try to make this world clearn, it still have many things we don't know, such as Conspiracy)
The pure wind is laughing,
IT make( the man) feel lonely.
(清风,the wind is clean , it different from the dirty world, 红尘俗世)
The man wish to be a hero a few days ago, but now, he lost his impuls, he was a lone, just a sunset beside him,
and the sunset make a red color on his cloth(一襟晚照).
(豪情,the ideal to be a famous person, 还剩,is gone off, just one thing stay.晚照,sunset means something Decline)
The common people are laughing,
no more loneliness(this time , the man find out that not just himself interest in his ideal, these make him happy)
SO,he says, his ideal is still in this world ( 豪情仍在),
he is laughing about this
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