Mojinos Escozios - Cansión instrumentá del hombre que tenía el reco del mundo de llevarse más tiempo hablando sin pará (English translation)

English translation

Instrumental song about the man who had the world record of longest time without stop talking

When you say I start, I start eh
Yeah, if you say one two three I start
what I don't want is to start before time or after the countdown
Go, I'm more nervous my god
For the shoeless feet of Jesus
Everytime I'm before a microphone
I get more nervous than everything
You say one two three and I start
What I don't want is to have the mess of repeating three or four times
For the people to say I'm more repeated than sausages
You say one two three and I start, start?? now??
This was going to be an instrumental song,
but I can't stay quiet I have to talk
when I was born the first thing I said was "dad
you gotta see how cozy I was
those nine months in the womb of mom"
And since that day I didn't stop slandering and I start to talk
and I become more lonely than the one
and so says my mother, and so says my father, and so says my brother,
my sister, my cousins, my uncle, my aunt, my grandfather, my grandmother:
"Boy" you better shut up and stop
or you'll choke because you talk more than a chatterbox,
how do you slander, bastard, how, bastard
how do you slander, bastard, how, bastard
Wherever I go people gets upset
when I start talking when I start slandering
and everybody tells I'm very annoying that's why I don't go to the movies,
because the movies last two hours
I can't stay quiet two hours
sure? Sure and I swear it
I speak by the mouth I speak by the elbows
I speak underwater, I speak when I'm alone
and if I'm with someone he gets bored,
fed up, tired, and says "screw you"
Is not that I talk, is that I can't stay quiet,
my tong heats up and I am damned
That's why I have the world record of the man
who has the longest time talking without breathing,
three months without stopping.
And you'll say: how is it possible,
three months without breathing and you haven't died or anything
I only know I start talking and I remember nothing,
three months without stopping slandering which supposed me
the gold medal of the man who has the longest time talking without breathing
And I'm not a rapper, I'm an old school metalhead, of the good ones,
who go by the street with the leather jacket
full of Iron Maiden patches,
showing buldge and with the shirt of Los Suaves 1
Easy, that you are killing me
that are putting an end to my patience
all the people who go to a library
I can't figure out that people go to aplace
where they force them to be quiet
That's masochism because I can't stand
anyone who tells me to shut up
And I can't figure out how can people smoke
because with a cigarrette in the mouth one can't talk,
that's why I don't smoke 'cause if you make me choose between smoking and talking
I rather swell up by slandering and that's why I don't smoke or anything...
... and is that I have a little thorn that is piercing my heart
because once I resurrected a dead man in a wake
because I didn't stop saying:
Poor of him he's dead, poor of him he was good.
poor of him he never did harm to anyone
and with so many poor of him, poor of him, the dead got up and yelled
"Poor of your parents who have to bear you
I'd rather keep living as long as not having to listen to you"
If I don't have parents if my mother left me
in an orphanage when I was six months old of talking too much
and the orphanage had to close because I had all the children bored
and I had all the nuns bored, and even the head nun who was deaf
but by seeing me moving the lips and the tongue I had her bored too
I ride a cab and I must get dowwn quickly
because the cab driver says of talking too much I can cause an accident
and I ride the bus and the driver says "shut up or get down"
Well I get down, I won't shut up, I go walking
on the San Fernando car a bit by foot and a bit walking,
and walking walking I'm talking or else I'm singing
They say Silence gives consent,
that's why I never consented anyone anything
because I never, I never, I never,2 YOU NEVER PEED?
I never stood quiet
And besides I never whislte
because while I whistle I can't talk
And I do eat, I could be eating a whale
I don't shut up even if I know it's rude
to talk with the full mouth
And my teeth are all pierced because the dentist
can't cure me because he puts me the anesthesia
and my tongue doesn't sleep or anything
that's why the dentist never cured me
And I swim like the fishes and I dive like turtles
but I go underwater throwing bubbles
My case is an exaggerated case and I surely speak a lot
because God made another one who is quiet all day long
At least everytime I talk the bread doesn't increase its price
or else it would be upt to the clouds
My case is chaotic, atypical, insolit, mythical, exotic, strambotic,
a weird medical case, worthy of a genetical,
unique, biblical, historical, histerical case,
Nor lyrical, nor poetical, nor pathetical and with little ethic
and that's why nobody wants to hear me
because I become bored of talking too much
That's why they want to put me on the IRS complaints counter
for when the people comes to complain
they leave without complaining as long as not having to listen to me talking
and........Why the music stopped?
- Wanna shut up
- I won't, for that I'm the singer
and I have lyrics for 30 or 40 minutes
and I don't shut up boy if the song has to
- Aggggghhhhhssss you'll get a hit
- Hey, hey where do you go with that knife? where do you go with that knife?
- Rassshhh, Rasssshhh
- Ay, I die, I die, the steel reached to my heart,
at least the steel surely was brought from
the steel mines of Rio Mina that's why I don't speak too much,
I'm dying, I'm bleeding, my god,
I'm so young, I'm so good with throwing,
my god
- Is it possible?? Boom boom boom
- Hey no, the balls no! not in the balls!
I'm so scared, so painful oh!
I must have paid attention to my dad,
who told me to become a builder
and I shouldn't become a singer,
oh my god
- Puffff, pufffff
- -Disgusting man! disgusting!
- Pufffff, puffffff
- Not in the face!
- It reminds me that time I got in an elevator
the man next to me fatred, I was going to the
third floor and I went to the seventh, son of a bitch!
- No what's this
- Hey, not a salt shaker!!!
- Well take!
- No, not in the wound, painfuuul!
this is a bigger pain that the time
I hit the small toe I was walking shoeless
with the chair on the corner, painful, painful
- Is it possible?? Get the gun man
- No, not a gun nooooo, noooooo, not a gun
- Boom boom boom boom...
- I die, I die, I bleed, my god I'm bleeding,
the cold wing of lead reached to my heart,
at least the lead surely was brought from
the lead mines of Villanueva del Río y Minas,
that's why it hurts so much, my god what a paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain, I die...
- Boom
- That one hurted me damn, on the small toe dammit
what an aim had this motherfucker, what a painn my god
I must have paid attention to my dad, to become a builder
to study in Madrid on the college
my god, my gos, I'm dying
- Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom
- My last wish is, that you must tell my wife that time
I came at 7 am I hade an urgenci I met a lady
and took me to her house the time we were on the 134...
may she forgive me I'm dying
- And this the coup de grace
- The coup de grace, well they say it's good to be thankful
if its the goup of grace, you're welcome.
Damn, I'm lucky the gun got stuck
- Good luck, you'll get busted.
Damn, what a son of a bitch what a bad aim, it didn't hit me
he shot me so much the bastard and didn't hit me
the guy has a worse aim than.............
  • 1. Spanish hard rock band
  • 2. "Nunca me he" sounds close to "nunca mee" which means I never peed
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Cansión instrumentá del hombre que tenía el reco del mundo de llevarse más tiempo hablando sin pará