Canzone del maggio [versione alternativa] (English translation)

  • Artist: Fabrizio De André
  • Song: Canzone del maggio [versione alternativa] 2 translations
  • Translations: English, Turkish

May Song [alternate version]

Even though our May
had to make do without your courage;
though your fear of looking
made you look down;
though you quickly decided
that it wasn’t your war;
you didn’t stop the wind:
you just wasted its time.
And if you told yourself
«nothing’s happening:
factories will open again,
they’ll arrest some students»,
being convinced that it was a game
we would play for a short time;
you were the instrument
to make us waste a lot of time.
If you handed it to
the professionals of billy clubs,
to get rid of us scoundrels,
of us punks, of us rebels;
letting us — in good faith —
bleed on the sidewalks;
even though you don’t give it a thing now,
you, you were there that night.
And if, in your neighborhoods,
everything has stayed the same as yesterday;
if even the stones of your driveways
have remained in place;
if you have bought into
the truths of your newspapers;
you have no argument left
to make us waste time any longer.
We know your progress very well,
your commandment
‟love your consumption as yourself”;
and if you’ve abided by it
all the way to absolving those who shot on us,
we’ll come to your doorsteps again,
and we’ll shout out even louder:
You can’t stop the wind:
you can only waste its time.
You can’t stop the wind:
you can only waste its time.
You can’t stop the wind…
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Canzone del maggio [versione alternativa]

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