Canzone del padre (English translation)

  • Artist: Fabrizio De André
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Song of the Father

"Do you really want to leave your eyes
only the dreams that don't let you wake up"
"Yes, Your Honour, but I want them bigger"
"There's a place there, your father left it.
You'll just have to stay on the bridge
And watch the other ships go by
Direct the smaller ones to the river
The bigger ones already know where to go"
That's how I became my father
Whom I killed in an earlier dream
The Court trusted me
Acquittal and crime, same motive.
And now Berto, son of the washerwoman
Schoolmate, he prefers to learn
How to count on the antennae of crickets
He never uses soap balls to play;
He buried his mother in a washing machine graveyard
Wrapped in a blanket almost like a hero;
He stopped just a second to suggest God
To keep minding his own business
Then he escaped afraid of getting rusty
Yesterday's newspaper says he died of rust
The undertakers often pick up parts of him
Among those who let rain fall on their heads.
I invested money and affections
Family and bank are a safe source of income,
My wife and I talk about love,
There are distances, there are no fears,
But every night she surrenders to me later
Men come, one of them's thinner
He has a luggage and two passports
She has the eyes of a woman I pay.
Commissioner, that's why I pay you
She has the eyes of a woman that's mine
The thin man's hands are busy
A luggage of pendants, an expulsion order
He doesn't have the face of his first hashish anymore
He's my last son, the least wanted one
He has nothing but a few rags on which to stumble
He doesn't care about standing up, even when he falls
And my alibis catch fire
The Guttuso still to be authenticated
Now the flames surround my bed
These are the dreams that don't let you wake up.
Your Honour, you're a son of a bitch
I wake up again and I wake up sweaty
Now wait for me outside of the dream
We'll really see each other
I'll start from scratch.
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Canzone del padre

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