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Sometimes we died for God in Karbala
Sometimes we were crucified like Jesus for mankind
One time, we became Kawa against Dhakak (Zahak)
Today, we ascent from Zagros for humanity
Today's Shahmardan in all four parts of Kurdistan
Beginning from our land, we bring life to all the world
We became the dawn for humanity between the earth and the sky
We are the lion Alisher in Sivas and Derims
We are the promise of prophets in the Kurdish land
We are the promise of the righteous Kurds
Sometimes we are Zarathustra, the one who saw God first
Many times, they destroyed us, those barbarian Romans
We became Shaykh Badruddin and Mansur al-Hallaj
Today, we are the guide of humanity on Judi mountain
We are the sovereign martyrs of all four parts of Kurdistan
Our warmth and light brighten the world
We are the movement of the movement
All of us are Qazi Muhammad
We are the perspective of the human uprising
I am Kurdistan, Dersim and Botan
I am Serhad, Bahdinan, Amed and Barzan
Munzur, Tigris, Khabur and Euphrates
On the peak of mount Ararat, I am Galileo
One who raised me from death, gave me life
Thousands of long live to the leader of my people
Became Che Guevara by the hundreds and thousands
Fighters of Kurdistan are lions and hawks
Made of fire, alive by their martyrs
They raised the red flag over the crown of the world
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Car Caran

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