A carbon copy

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A carbon copy (English) — An exact copy or replica of someone or something

This page goes into more detail about the background of the expression: http://www.phrases.org.uk/meanings/carbon-copy.html

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A carbon copy — Potpuna sličnost. Odsečena glava. Kao da si jabuku prepolovio. Isti istijat. Slika i prilika.

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"A carbon copy" in lyrics

Blue-eyed beauty isolated
burning daylight trying to stay in style
a carbon-copy automated
doesn't even have to try-y-y-y
no, doesn't even have to try-y-y-y

Alexi Blue - Royalty

[Zico] No wonder you seemed familiar when we first met
Your bold facial features are unexpectedly sharp
The fact that half of your recent calls were with guys and your daring move of pushing me to the corner when we kiss
Inside and outside, all similar, like a carbon copy
The inside of my chaotic mind is a mess
Scared that the breakup process might be the same

Block B - Synchronization 100%

The more we soap, the more our song smell like dead fish
We love Rémy[fn]Ex-band member.[/fn] (ha! ha!)
A carbon copy, a gang of louts (no, nothing more)
The metronome, I got it in my goal!

Malajube - The Metronome

How to stay paralyzed by fear of abandonment
How to defer to men in solve-able predicaments
How to control someone to be a carbon copy of you
How to have that not work and have them run away from you

Alanis Morissette - Eight Easy Steps

Your rhymes are anal and we ain't got no time to play
No games, put the mic down, boy, try not to say no
More o' them rhymes 'cause you duplicate like Kinkos
You're a carbon copy with the wrinkles
You whacka than that n**** that be rhymin' in a Pringle commercial
Put your career in reversal

The Black Eyed Peas - What It Is