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[Verse 1]
Love is like Twitter 2
[“You’re in love with” or “A beginner at”] it only for 48 hours. 3 4
5 First you’re associated with it 6, and afterwards you follow 7.
It becomes cracked 8 and you end up alone 9
Beware! 10
And beware of those who you like 11
Their plastic smiles 12 are often hits by hashtag. 13
Ah, friends, buddies, and followers
You’re making a mistake. It’s only a false popularity. 14
If you love yourself
Beware of me!
If I like myself
Beware of us! Beware of them! Beware of you!
And after each person for themselves.
And this is how we love love love love
[Verse 2]
(My untimely vacation requires I finish this in a few days.)
  • 1. If the tune's familiar, it's because the song is based off of the French Geroges Bizet's opera Carmen, in particular the well-known aria Habanera. More than just the melody, the two songs share a common theme: Habanera explores the mercurial and irrational nature of love while Stromae parallels it with the just as irrational and fickle behaviors associated with social networking. What a poet.
  • 2. “L’amour est un oiseau rebelle” or “Love is a rebellious bird”: Habanera’s first line.
  • 3. A triple pun is made here with blue. The Twitter logo is blue. “Bleu de quelqu’on” is an expression meaning to be in love with someone. “Etre un bleu” also means to be a novice, just as Englsih “green” signifies inexperience. You become an expert too quickly, he’s trying to say.
  • 4. Love’s fickle nature is the theme of Habanera; «Tout atour de toi, vite vite. Il vient, s’en va, puis il revient. Tu crois le tenir, il t’evite. Tu crois l’eviter, il te tient, » Carmen sings about love.
  • 5. More connections between Twitter and romance.
  • 6. associated = acquainted (whether to the person or to Twitter)
  • 7. Follow as in the Twitter action of subscribing to someone’s posts. Or following a person to deepen a relationship
  • 8. The irrationality that love and a Twitter obsession can soon take on
  • 9. Relationships end and those with Twitter addictions soon forget what having real friends means.
  • 10. Beware the Kraken that is love and Twitter that will sink the ship of rationality. Another reference to a famously repeated line in Habanera. Who’s keeping count?
  • 11. Like as in romance or the Facebook action.
  • 12. plastic smiles- a meaningless  all too common on the interwebs; feigned and hypocritical emotions and intentions.
  • 13. hastags- pound signs followed by key words as in #frenchtranslations. Also very common in Twitter posts. Fun fact: in January 2013, the Académie Française banned “hastag” from the French language. When “#” appears in print, the French word “mot-dièse must be spoken under penalty of death. That last part was a joke.
  • 14. Beware! It’s easy to get sucked into thinking that your horde of Facebook friends is your reality. There is a more real, consequential world outside the internet, one that provides more than just a “cote”- a rating.
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charmainejoan.depaepecharmainejoan.depaepe    Thu, 24/10/2013 - 04:38

Nice job! One thing the translator missed - love is like the Twitter bird. Twitter's logo is a blue bird. Makes a stronger connection between Bizet & Stromae. C'est tout.

MarsotMarsot    Sat, 19/07/2014 - 14:54

I enjoy that with all the notes!

And I used your work to understand the french lyrics for my italian translation on the site. Thank you =)