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Dear Love

Dear love
in the sunsets of April
dear love
when the sun kills itself
over the waves
you can hear crying and screaming
even the wind and the sea.
Dear love
so a man crying
dear love
at the sun, at the wind and at the green years
that they go singing
after the morning of May
when they came
and when barefoot
and with laughing eyes
happy we wrote on the sand
the most naive words.
Dear love
the flowers of the other year
dear love
are faded and will never
bloom again
and in the gardens every winter
well saddest are the leaves.
Dear love
so a man lives
dear love
and the sun and the wind and the greens years
chase themselves singing
to the November in which
they are bringing us
and where one day with a sad smile
we will tell us in our mouth now tired
"you were my dear love."
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Caro amore

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