To carry the can

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To carry the can (English) — Snositi odgovornost, krivicu. Biti žrtveni jarac. Izvlačiti kestenje.

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"To carry the can" in lyrics

when the scales are balanced
God save me from quietly, peacefully flowing waters,
sooner or later everything is paid for, come what may
Build hidden breakwaters[fn]I'm sure it doesn't really mean that, but I can't thing what else Hagamolos might mean[/fn], you don't have to carry the can.
I'm the guy who brings you to ecstasy
Although you shake your head your eyes say "yes"

J Balvin - Vengeance

So, with immaculate timing
I'm left to carry the can
Embarrassed, outnumbered, marooned

Chess (musical) - Mountain Duet (In Concert, 1994)