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Voldria tornar vellbeure (Jota d'es vellbeure) lyrics

  • Artist: Catalan Folk (Folclore català) Featuring artist: Música Nostra Also performed by: Maria del Mar Bonet
  • Album: Va de jota! (1985)
  • Translations: English

Voldria tornar vellbeure (Jota d'es vellbeure)

I en ésser davant e's pont,
Voldria tornar bellveure
I vós, que fóssiu s'a font
Allà on jo hi he de beure!
Voldria tornar bellveure!
Voldria tornar bellveure!
Vull ser corda d'aquest pou
O tornar-me corriola,
Per conversar amb vós quan som
A treure aigo tota sola...
Voldria ésser corriola!
Voldria ésser corriola!
Voldria que fóssiu lladre
Perquè em robàssiu s'amor,
Que duu tanta vermellor
Com una flor de baladre.
Voldria que fóssiu lladre!
Voldria que fóssiu lladre!
Voldria tornar coloma
E's tres mesos de s'estiu!
Què saps on faria e's niu?
A damunt qualsevol branca!
A damunt qualsevol branca!
A damunt qualsevol branca!
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Submitted by MetodiusMetodius on 2022-10-05
Submitter's comments:

The jota, with its many sub-genres, is Spain's most widespread and important folk genre, for it is spread across the entirety of the Spanish territory (with the exception of Southern and Western Andalusia). Catalan jotes are restricted to Southern Catalonia, Valencia and, to a much lesser extent, the Baleric Islands. They differ from the rest of Spain in the fact that they are mostly instrumental and present more local variations, both in the way they are sung and danced. This is a Balearic jota.


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