'(CB 5) Ecce gratum (English translation)


'(CB 5) Ecce gratum

Ecce gratum
et optatum
Ver reducit gaudia.
floret pratum.
Sol serenat omnia.
iamiam cedant tristia!
Aestas redit,
nunc recedit
Hiemis saevitia.
Iam liquescit
et decrescit
grando, nix et cetera.
Bruma fugit,
et iam sugit
Ver Aestatis ubera.
illi mens est misera,
qui nec vivit,
nec lascivit
sub Aestatis dextera.
et laetantur
in melle dulcedinis
qui conantur,
ut utantur
praemio Cupidinis.
simus iussu Cypridis
gloriantes et
pares esse Paridis.
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Behold, the pleasant

Behold, the pleasant
And longed-for
Spring brings back joyfulness
Violet flowers
Fill the meadows
The sun brightens everything
Sadness is now at an end!
Summer returns
Now withdraw
The rigours of winter. Ah !
Now melts
And disappears
Ice, snow and the rest
Winter flees
And now spring
Sucks at summer's breast
A wretched soul is he
Who does not live
Or lust
Under summer's rule. Ah !
The glory
And rejoice
In honeyed Sweetness
Who strive
To make use of
Cupid's prize
At Venus' command
Let us glory
And rejoice
In being Paris' equals. Ah !
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His brother's name was Jubal; he was the father of all
who play stringed instruments and pipes. (Genesis 4:21)

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