Ce matin (English translation)

English translation

This morning

You're smiling
This morning, by my side
I feel so good
I don't need anything more
Life is beautiful
Easy as pie
I endure your hugs
I'm sleepy, next to you
I'm not complaining
This suits me so well
That I forget
The worries
That are awaiting me at the step of my bed
And whatever this day will bring
Nothing can spoil it
You're smiling
This morning
I feel good
You're smiling while you say
That you don't get how people can create trouble
Everything can be so simple
We don't need anything
Life is beautiful
Easy as us
I answer, that I don't know
I'm sleeping and that it's visible
And why do we care about people
Tormenting themselves
Me, I forget
Me, I love you
After all, that's not my problem
And whatever my day brings
Nothing will be able to spoil it
(or) Stress me
You're smiling
This morning
I feel well
I'm smiling
Because life
Is easy
This morning
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Ce matin

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