Jacques Prévert - Cet amour (English translation)

English translation

This love

This love
So violent,
So frail,
So tender,
So desperate.
This love
Beautiful like the day
And bad like the weather
When the weather is bad.
This love so true
This love so beautiful
So happy
So joyful
And so derisory.
Trembling with fear like a child in the dark
And so confident
Like a calm man in the middle of the night.
This love that scared other people
That made them talk
That made them pale.
This love watched
Because we watched it.
Tracked down, hurt, trampled, ended, denied, forgotten
Because we have tracked down, hurt, trampled, ended, denied, forgotten it.
This love so whole
Still so alive
And full of sunlight
It is yours
It is mine
The one that has been
This thing always new
And that has not changed.
As true as a plant
As trembling as a bird
As hot, as alive as summer.
We can both of us
Go away and come back
We can forget
And then go to sleep again
Waking up, suffering, getting old
Going to sleep again
Dreaming about death
Waking up, smiling and laughing
And rejuvenating.
Our love stay there
As stubborn as a mule
Alive like desire
Cruel like memory
Stupid like regrets
Tender like memories
Cold like marble
Beautiful like the day
Frail like a child.
It looks at us, smiling,
And it talks to us without saying a word
And I, I listen to it while trembling
And I cry
I cry for you
I cry for me
I beg you
For you, for me and for all those that love each other
And used to love each other
Yes, I cry to it
For you, for me and for all the others
That I do not know.
Stay here
Where you are
Where you used to be once
Stay here
Do not move
Do not go away
We, who used to love each other
We have forgotten you.
You, do not forget us.
We had only you on Earth
Do not let us become cold
Always further
And anywhere
Show us your presence
Later in a wood
In the forest of memory
Arise suddenly,
Reach out to us
And save us.
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Cet amour

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