Jairo - Chacarera de las piedras (English translation)

English translation

Chacarera of the Stones

A walking traveler now sings
One that has walked a whole lot
And now he lives peacefully
In the Cerro Colorado
I let my songs out on the wind
Anywhere I go
I'm a tree that bears much fruit
Like the mistol plant
When I saddle my horse
I ride away on the sand
Half along the way
My sorrows are already forgotten
Caminiaga, Santa Elena,
El Churqui, Rayo Cortado.
There's no dwelling 1 like mine
Long live Cerro Colorado
I celebrate my destiny of feeling in the way I feel
Living how I live, dying how I die
And because I celebrate it, and in the end I am the nothingness
Of the shadow of a verse
I say to you: Thank you very much
Thank you very much, thank you very much
Under the shadow of some tala trees
I suddenly heard
A girl that said:
Quiet down, people are coming...
I will give you a remedy
That is very good for easing sorrows
The fat of a male iguana
Mixed with spearmint leaves
Chacarera 2 of the stones
Criolla 3 like no other girl
Do not venture out on the mountains
Before the moon comes out
  • 1. a geographic pago is very specific to Argentina and Bolivia as a word... It means a countryside (rural) dwelling, that can be vast. It can also refer to a community, region, locality, village.
  • 2. Here the song itself is addressed, and it is pesonified as a girl
  • 3. local girl , native to that land
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Chacarera de las piedras