Chain of command

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Chain of command (English) — Also known as command hierarchy this refers to the power/authority structure within an organization. This is a formal structure essential for control and accountability. It applies to any group with leadership roles. The term 'chain of command' is most commonly used in the military services.
In a business everyone from the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to the lowest line foreman is part of the chain of command.

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Chain of command — (линейная) структура подчинения; организационная иерархия

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Translations of "Chain of command"

EnglishPecking order
Germandie Hackordnung

"Chain of command" in lyrics

Upon the bough

And no more shall we part
Your chain of command has been silenced now
And all of those birds would've sung to your beautiful heart

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - And No More Shall We Part

There is a mendacious television screen at any home, just as large icons used to be at ancestors' home.
Life teaches nothing to no-one, such is the custom.
Like hell we Slavs are brotherly towards each other:
The tsar masterminds our clan war in order to solve his momentary problems and to consolidate chain of command.

And only seagulls fly high and, as standers-by, see more than gamesters:

Belaya Gvardiya - Sleep Mary!

Together dislike the kikes,
And sort out the oligarchs in the loo.

Together inform up the chain of command
on hidden enemies anywhere;
also, be silent together

Andrey Makarevich - Make Me Laugh, Petrossian

It wasn't for nothing
That they put me away
I fell with my angel
Down the chain of command
There's a Law, there's an Arm, there's a Hand
There's a Law, there's an Arm, there's a Hand

Leonard Cohen - The Law

Now you're going into the desert
You're out of control of your fate
Are you a slave in a chain of command
Serving up another man's head

Grace Jones - This Is