Che - چ (English translation)

English translation


[Verse 1]
who's city is this?
what does it need?*
there is no belief
a lover to stop*
answer my question
look at my jihad
is this the purpose and the path of
Chamran, Hemmat* and Guerrillas?
what do you guys say?
i'm words and pain, what do you say?
was that me who wanted youth to get high and smoke marijuana?
Use your smoking pipe and smoke* again and again
to all of your questions
to all of your goals and paths
to all Ardor* and justice
chastity, sister, mother
belief, honor*
goes away with every wind
it's foulness and we all are asleep
no body cares or tries, all of you are drown and numb
Oh my mother
oh taunts of my world
i'm the coldness and pain of last moments
today's words are like quivers in my body
the world was on fire and my sorrow every time
was a man with lust of a married women
[Verse 2]
Mola! *
look I’m sick
call me from the bottom of your heart too, my dear
call me so I don’t fall down
I’ll fall apart, I’m done, I’m one of those non-brains
Look at me I’m more lonely than even before
The only ones in the road are me and you
I don’t believe
You’re the end, where of it am i?
I went to the bottom of my heart
my words escape
even war said: "my brain started to ache"
I kept saying I’ll come but I didn’t
They all got injured* but I didn’t
They all won but I didn’t
I’m the loser, but at least I was there*
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Author's comments:

* Che dedicates to "Mostafa Chamran:"
* also means what is it's wish
* it also means resistance (Īhām:Īhām)
* "Chaghidan" is both making a Shisha ready and making yourself ready
* "Gheyrat" is the hatred of sharing what you love, wanting something to be only yours and effort you make for it. It could be your country, your success or the one you love (Mostly women). +in our culture, it's positive and also important
* it also means the women of a man's family whom he should protect their reverence
* It dedicates to "Ali ibn Abi Talib", First Imam of Shiites (
* also means take advantage (iĪhām)
* also means take (iĪhām)
* it has 2 meanings ((iĪhām): 1.all of them went to war (Iran-Iraq war) but i couldn't so they're the winner and the heroes but still i did more than some people, i was involved with it in my mind
2.all of them are taking advantage to have a better life, i don't because it's against humanity. they won and they're fortuned now but at least i did the right thing

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