Nada (Italy) - Ma che freddo fa (English translation)

English translation

It's so cold

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In winter the tired sun
goes early to bed
it can't help it anymore
it can't help it anymore
the night now is falling down
with its cold hands on me
it's so cold
it's so cold
a caress would be enough
for a girl's heart
maybe, then, yes - I would love you.
I feel like a butterfly
that's no more flying on flowers
that's no more flying
that's no more flying
I was burnt from the fire
of your great love
that's already lit off
it is so cold
it is so cold
you, boy, disapponted me
you stole from my face
that smile that won't ever come back.
What is life
without love
it's just a tree
with no more leaves
and the wind rises
a cold wind
like the leaves
it runs my hopes down
but what is this life
if you are missing.
You don't love me anymore
it is so cold
what is life
if you are missing
you don't love me anymore
it is so cold.
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Ma che freddo fa