Chega de saudade (English translation)

  • Artist: Gal Costa
  • Featuring artist: Antônio Carlos Jobim
  • Song: Chega de saudade 6 translations
  • Translations: English, French, German, Russian #1, #2, Spanish
English translationEnglish

That's enough longing for her

Go, my sadness, go
And tell her that
It's impossible without her.
Tell her, by a prayer,
To return
Because I can't be suffering any longer.
That's enough longing for her...
The truth is that
There is no peace without her
There is no beauty
There is only sadness
And melancholy
Which does not leave me
It does not leave me, it doesn't...
But if she comes back, if she comes back
How beautiful it will be and how crazy
Because there'll be less fishes down in the sea
Than there'll be kisses
Which I will give to her mouth
With you in my arms,
My embraces will be
Like a thousand
So tightly like this
So close like this
So silently like this
(I'll give) Hugs and little kisses
And endless caresses
So as to stop this thing about
You living away from me
I don't want any more of this thing about
You living away from me
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Chega de saudade

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