Child's play

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Child's play (English) — Something that so easy as to amuse a child rather than pose a problem to be solved.

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Child's play — lasten leikkiä

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Child's play — çocuk oyuncağı

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Translations of "Child's play"

RomanianLa mintea copiilor

"Child's play" in lyrics

that makes you smile

It doesn't matter that it's raining, if I'm near you
Life becomes child's play
When you're next to me

Efecto Pasillo - It Doesn't Matter That It's Raining

Out of our fates
Is born loneliness only
You say that it takes time
That loving is no child's play
I know well you're lying
But I'm so lonely now

Mylène Farmer - So be I

[Bon Iver:]
I shoot the lights out
Hide til its bright out
Whoa, just another lonely night
Are you willing to sacrifice your life?

Kanye West - Monster

Just give me one more year of this lifestyle
And I'll do myself in
Nothing stops me from that, ey, that's like fucking groupies
And in every respect, that's child's play to me

[Hook: Alligatoah]

Trailerpark - Bat Country

I swear no oaths

Our blue cross flag, don't act like a diva against the sky
Our blue cross flag - The murder of one lion is child's play
Our blue cross flag (4x)
I don't swear oaths on nothing 2x

Sielun Veljet - On Mulla Unelma

I slop my salt and there are only bones in the fish
And I am on the verge of jumping out the window
But I am what I am a branded kid
My shoes are light as a child's play
My shoes make Indian children wealthy
My shoes make childisch Indians wealthy,

Marteria - New Nikes

From our destinies
Loneliness that comes
You say that it takes time
Loving is not child's play
I know well that you're lying
But I'm so lonely at present

Mylène Farmer - So Be I...

If you could magically
Stop the course of time
Taking up any challenge
Would be child's play
You even say that you're afraid of growing old
That it'd take several lives to live it all

Christophe Rippert - Everything goes too fast

[Verse 1]
Okay, it’s Childish Gambino, homegirl drop it like the NASDAQ /
Move white girls like there’s coke up my asscrack /
Move black girls cause, man, fuck it, I’ll do either /
I love pussy, I love bitches, dude, I should be runnin’ PETA /
In Adidas, with some short shorts, B-O-O all over me /

Childish Gambino - Bonfire

The tamborim(¹) warned: be careful
The guitar replied: wait for me
The cavaquinho(²) attacked, strong
When the whistle arrived, it was too late.

The surdo(³) came, hitting hard

Roberta Sá - Hello February

Woah, woah, heard all of the stories about you I already know
I already know and I like it
Take you to the mall and get you a new outfit
Girl that's just some child's play
Bounce that shit like, woah, yeah
Bounce that shit like, woah

Drake - Child's Play

And liz, well, she has her dick

They say it takes two to tango
Well, that tango's child's play
So take me to the dance floor
And we'll twist the night away

Hairspray (OST) - It Takes Two

From our destinies
Only solitude is born
You say it takes time
That love is no child's play
I know that you're lying
But I'm so lonely now

Mylène Farmer - Thus am I

I want to be once again the one that loved you
like a child's play
bring back the green of your look
and dry off the pain that drenches us

Pablo Alborán - I promise

Child's play,
I was silly with your heart that day
I enjoyed tearing you apart

Duffy - Breath Away

I want a life, a better life, to grab it like a tiger
life is not a child’s play.
I want more, I want better, I want it all, come what may
What’s the use when I’m not of the sort, because life seeks better people.

I want a life, all or nothing, I want the prize

Dado Topić - A Better Life

Love, my amulet
From around my neck, excellent
Love, would it happen to be some
Child's play to shout all the time?
Love, the first time,
In love with one's youngest age

Louise attaque - Loves

Freedom is child's play,
you can take and throw in the air everything that there is.
Let's go away
I'll hold you tighter,
Love is a hallway without doors,
it is a violent feeling that will kill me,

Gianna Nannini - Rock 2

Ref 2x
Girls, boys oh life for you is in wait today
to start to live it, no it's not a child's play
you learn, you work and know why you create
but oh youth in you, the future lies its rays

Parashqevi Simaku - Hear My Song

I fell into your trap on one knee
You put me on the ropes that flipped my heart upside down
love love love
Just like child's play, I'll follow you, with some time you'll be mine
I'll have you with time, no myto, no bluff
I almost expect you to leave, I don’t want to be without a woman

Zifou - I'll take you

You're no longer a deadly artist,

It's only child's play,
To ask of those who can read,
What you have learnt with me,

Maxime Le Forestier - Parachutist.

The time for child's play has since passed
Even though I'd want to once more
Return to the early years
To find the lost time


Time - The girl from the sandbox

Here a superstar
I'm all keyed up
This is child's play
This is soft-boiled egg

Claude Nougaro - Nougayork

It's child's play, the sea!

You know what?
It's child's play, the sea!"

Domenico Modugno - We Are Dolphins

Tell me, do you dare to let go here where the world is ending
Do you dare to tell me who you are?
Tell me, do you dare to become a child's play in the rain of summer
Do you dare to soar away free from sorrow
In silent rays of eternity?

Lighthouse X - Shooting Star

Rush to him, always walk the road of kindness!

Oh, how many will be, to many to mention, doubts and temptations,
Do not forget, that this life- not a child's play!
Temptations, let them go and grasp unwritten law:
Always walk the road of kindness, walk, my friend!

Yuri Entin - The way of kindness

Almost used to being alone
My bed was pretty sure that I'd come back alone, even at night
Actually, I started to realize that life is not child's play

Suddenly it happened to me

Rotem Cohen - Almost used to

It's a word and you know it , you're gonna catch one day
Life is just child's play
And if still you wonder , what red is to still believe
Remember that 's good to dream

Amna - Life is an adventure

When I turned around
I saw that I came farther than I thought
I was alone
and I suddenly got afraid
When I saw myself
I didn’t know I was exhausted

Mino - Fear

Well, I meant well
When I told him to go to hell
I can’t say that I’m always right
But that’s what I said that night

The drinks seemed to loosen my tongue

Abney Park - The Rum Talking

In the darkness of the night,
getting ready for a fight,
I am feeling all alone –
no one listens to my plight!

I have some hard steps to take –

Ivan Ustûžanin - Step-Friend

Your present stared at you
How to thyself concerned about what happens tomorrow
Big worry for big people, sounds difficult
That this life is not child's play

You have no time for her, for them, for those you keep

Vama - Happy days

Almost when I was used to being alone
Almost when my bed is sure to come back alone tonight
Just when I started to understand that life is not a child's play
Suddenly it happened to me
Almost when I got used to drinking coffee alone

Rotem Cohen - Almost when

Mad 'cause I ain't gotta conceal
Top five, I’m top two
Talking spitting bars and that grind too
Y'all child's play like Caillou
And by the way, that was a haiku

Snow tha Product - Flexicution

And I would give much to see that one day
With people free of any worries and debts
The blue sky, have gone all gray clouds
To be heard all over the city only child's play

And overnight, you do not realize

Smiley - Let me be summer

Is this a joke in the mirror?
There's gossip fever passing through
I'm tired of this child's play

A fighter inside of my heart

Scandal (Japan) - Scandalous Sun

[Mr. dumbly]
But if, but if, it's very simple, you'll see ...
A real child's play


Oliver Twist, Le Musical (ost) - At the Dumbly's

When the shot glass is full, it doesn't mess up my phone,
cause my new phone is fully waterproof.

My new phone makes my life into child's play.
Because of this phone the way is itself the goal.
My new phone makes me into a totally new man,

Wise Guys - My new cell phone

But if you don't make sure that you get a receipt
Like my man Bob Marley said "Stand up for your right"
Don't give up the fight, if you help me all might
I think there's no time for no child's play
In the playground or perhaps another day
'Cause I come in effect, yes, I come in smooth

2 Unlimited - Throw The Groove Down

if not for you, yet again?
For I am madly in love.
When you electrify me with your blazing gaze,
the worst naughtiness becomes mere child's play.
I'll do whatever you want
to hold you in my arms.

Albert Préjean - Honeymoon

Whatever it is

You know that wall between us is a Lego game
A child's play when two adults have too much ego
And. no matter how this story hurts, I will resist
It's me, your soldier, professional cashier

Connect-R - Signs

Soon enough-

Stay the winter, oh, one more day
Leave me to my child's play

Soon enough I’ll go your way

Puscifer - Autumn

It's not going to be simple, I said
Don't say I didn't warn you
There are things that you don't know
It's not going to be a child's play

In one moment freedom arrives

Liron Lev - Against the Whole Wide World

Well, let's begin
This is child's play


Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812 - The Duel