Mojinos Escozios - Chow Chow (English translation)

English translation

Chow Chow

My friend Luisi has bought a dog of the chow chow breed
who has a long hair and is as black as coal
that's why my friend who has he chow chow very black and hairy
everytime she gets him to the street, everybody wants to touch him,
and I say: let me caress your chow chow
I have a sausage dog who's very playful,
who gets so happy every time he sees a chow chow,
and my friend Luisi says that she's so glad
that her chow chow and my sausage, play all day long.
and I say: let me caress your chow chow
when the chow chow is hungry my friend always calls me,
because nothing can calm him, except for my food,
and when the summer comes her chow chow gets filled of bugs
and I calm his scratches pouring some powders on him
and I say: let me caress your chow chow
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Author's comments:

"chow chow" is pronounced similary to "chocho" which is a slang for the vagina