Chris Hadfield - The Darkest Dark

  • Artist: Chris Hadfield
  • Translations: German, Italian, Russian #1, #2, Turkish

The Darkest Dark

The Darkest Dark...
What's that in the corner of my room,
I think it's going to eat me soon
Oh no, that's just my closet door
But, what's that rustling, moving, hustling
Creaking noises,
Girls and boys,
I don't want to sleep here anymore
In the darkest dark I see a
Scary shark, it's getting nearer
In the darkest dark I hear a
Bark from who knows where, or what, or why
Scared here in the darkest dark
I wish this was a sunny park
With slides and swings, and things that were well lit
There's aliens around my bed
I pull the sheet up on my head
My nightlight doesn't help one little bit
What's that on the floor there in my room
I think it's going to eat me soon
But looking close, I see
That's just my underpants
I'm so scared here in the darkest dark
I'm sniffling like a sick aardvark
Whose nose is full of little squirmy ants
I'm wide awake and
Knees are shaking
Stomach's aching
I'm not faking
I'm all wet
I think I peed my pants
In the window, what's that light there
In the darkest, darkest night there
All the sparkling lights there from
A million tiny suns, and moons, and stars...hmm
I can only see the stars
When it is the darkest dark
That's a very important insight
Now what's that in the corner of my room
It's moons and stars, and morning soon
Instead of 'bad', I'll say 'good'night
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