Chris Robinson Brotherhood - Forever as the Moon

  • Artist: Chris Robinson Brotherhood
  • Album: Anyway You Love We Know How You Feel (2016)

Forever as the Moon

Fine sir john got far beyond
And laid low one wet september
It was then he wrote
The curse of her pearls
For which he is now remembered
But of course it all came to an end
By early next december
When fine sir john with all reason gone faded into his winter
And the wind did howl, and the trees did bow
The wolves all cried on the day he died
I survived their sugar cures and I dined with snow eating sinners
So much weather has come & gone as the swine roll in the embers
Give my regards to the captain of the guards who has lost his saber
While in the back room the boys have it large
While his mistress she sets the table
And the wine will spill and the moon will shine
The dream is gone and it's about time
Has it always been this way
So much sorrow so much pain
From this day nothing will be the same
Watch the starboard child
Walk your plank and sink away, away
Anyway you love we know how you feel
Let's open the door to tomorrow's
Hidden charms and gaze in wonder
Let the music play
Let the people parade in many colors
As we watch the candle burn
There is nothing we have learned
So please believe the thunder
Where evermore is a place of lore
And the messenger he just shivers
And the lights they dim and the masks removed
And the night falls in forever as the moon
Anyway you love we know how you feel
Anyway you love we know how you feel
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