Ignacio Copani - Chupetines y acuarelas (English translation)

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Lollipops and watercolors

When a peso was money my teacher was a lion
my dad was Tarzan and me... the chubby in the corner
who used to go to the stadium to cheer from the ehart
and it was God's fault if my team didn't win.
Lollipops and watercolors, hide-and-seek and table football,
I was scared of the flags and the smell of injections.
I used to be a pirate when the yard was a gallion
then I wanted to be a plane, thirteen years and two wings
but just when I was going up the porter put me down
and next time boy you'll fly with a kick.
Grade books, pens, blue jacket and tie
I was gazing at the flags, I didn't understand the inscription.
When the world was a map I dreamed of a trip or two
then the map was a pain that was choking in the south.
Now I return home, I cry for who didn't return,
of my yard a former battlefield was left.
And laced boots and rosettes imported from Hong Kong
I can't find my flag I want to find it with you.
There must be a way of painting our color.
There must be a flag for me and you.
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Chupetines y acuarelas

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