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Plane Tree

It is a plane tree.
and mad of rain.
a drop of Kaira oh her branches.
each sublime arms opens.
opens and fits in azure days.
if you hear it wind from her mouth.
if you sleep her arms for a day.
when you open your eyes, voices painted by.
glazed eyes rolled on me.
that was a beverage, which is touched my heart.
and she bows her arms.
spark the fire at frosty night.
the sky needs a femme fatale like you.
fire is sparking and rolling on my head.
I'm your lover in here.
I can't give up and let me come with you.
and let me be yours.
I will be fit in your drink, let it your glass pouring.
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Author's comments:

Kaire is a god from turkic mythology.

and That song is very literary and some of them not using commonly.



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