Cindy Bullens - Steal The Night


Steal The Night

You caught me looking through your window last night
I only wanted to see you in the night
I didn't mean to cause harm
I was crazy to do it
But if I told you just how many nights go by
When I hold you just by focusing my eyes
I may be a prowler in the dark
But I would never hurt you
I only steal the night away
Steal the night away
I can make it without you for one more day
If I steal the night away
I see you downtown and I watch you in school
They know I'm staring
They love to be cruel
But I can't shake away from this dream
You're gonna happen to me, to me
So, darling, let me steal the night away
Steal the night away
I didn't mean it, baby, to cause you the pain
Only steal the night away
If I fantasize
I'm sorry I hurt you by using my eyes
It's over and done
You'll never catch me again. You'll never catch me again
Steal the night away
Steal the night away
If I could hold you beside me
I know you would say
Baby, steal the night away
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