Ciribiribela (English translation)

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If, my love, you’re going to sleep
what are we gonna do
First of all, lock the door
Second, close the window
Third, put down the curtains
We will stay in and kiss…
We will stay in and kiss…
If a war starts tomorrow
My dear what are we gonna do
Lock the door
Close the windows
Put down the curtains
We will stay in and kiss
And when the shootings start
We’ll cover our heads
under little blanket
You and me and the little stars
We’ll eat grapes
we’ll wait for the war to be over
Take me dancing
Chiribiribella, my little one
Take me dancing
And if I leave, don’t forget me
Chiribiribella, I’m joining the marines
She won't drink coffee
dont' want chocolate
She thinks cutely
that money gets stolen
Get out of my house
because I will grind you
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Author's comments:

The last 2 lines are in Dalmatian dialect. Can anybody help me to translate them?


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