Maria del Mar Bonet - Ciutat preciosa (Όμορφη Πόλη) (English translation)

English translation

Gorgeous City

Gorgeous city
Full of music and roads,
The rooftops cradle
The nests of your breath.
A sun, with furtive hands,
Clears out the ashen memories from the walls...
Mountain and dry lands
Surround this town, which sleeps in Greece.
At dusk I shall come to find you
Before the moon
Starts to caress
Your clothes
With the pearly lights of the seaport's mirroring waters...
At dusk I shall come to find you...
The night moves forward
Closing everything as she passes,
And its pale caress
Erases the city.
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Ciutat preciosa (Όμορφη Πόλη)

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