clown around

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clown around (English) — Also: fool around; horse around; monkey around
to act silly
Example: Jamie likes to clown around and is always playingpractical jokes on everyone.

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clown around — Herumalbern

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"clown around" in lyrics

So that everyone may get used to their noise
You might well play hooters at night
And force us to clown around
While in pyjamas in our cellars
No matter how many decrees

Maurice Chevalier - Paris will always be Paris

I feel good
when I sing this song, when I play the beat, when I play the fool/clown around.
On the stage or even in real life

Stromae - I feel good

I ain't Sunny, I'm Sonny and I wanna know where you live.
You little bastard, your mommy wears bangs.
Who laughs last? You bastard lick my shoes.
Clown around and we will slap your b*tch, too!
Boy, no problem, here come gangsters from the ghetto, boy,
think of rule number one and your block is getting dark.

Bushido - Remember one thing

We all have in the heart a small forgotten girl
With a ponytail, dressed in a pleated skirt at the exit of the lycée
We all have in the heart a bunch of used scrap metal
An old fantasised scooter to clown around in the neighbourhood
And the little girl sang
Something that still sticks to my heart and body

Laurent Voulzy - Rockollection

For makin a great escape
But I ain't even on the run
Cause straight up top, any cop steppin up will get done
I holds my own ground and don't clown around
The three-pound'll turn New York to a ghost town
Stampede, guaranteed to make you bleed indeed

Tru Life - 'Wet Em Up

We wouldn't be where we are

For me, you were the man of my life
All you did was clown around
I was blinded by feelings that were too strong
That's all I can blame myself for

Soumia - With "if"s

It's like rock and roll
Pure trashy music
A little transformed so it sounds the same
We clown around but we get the same thing
Lifting and copying like all the others
Elvis... shake in your crypt

Los Prisioneros - We Are South American Rockers

Christy Brown a clown around town
Now a man of renown from Dingle to Down
I can type with me toes
Suck stout through me nose
And where it's gonna end
God only knows

The Pogues - Down All The Days

or do you not care?

Are you often late?
Do you then clown around?
Do you miss somebody who has left, for a very long time
and is there rain then sometimes?

Spinvis - The advantage of video

All over and under the big comfy couch!

Get ready, get ready, get ready to clown around

With Loonette and Molly -

Cartoon Songs - The big comfy couch intro

I didn't come to steal from anyone
And I didn't come to clown around with you
I wanted to just see if you still smile like that
And nothing more

Jesse Kaikuranta - One More Song

Reika and Doremi are very happy
(That's right, that's right!)
The SOS trio clown around
(It's true!)
With a smile upon our faces we'll dance to the rhythm

Ojamajo Doremi (OST) - Magical Doremi Ending 5 (Castilian)

You're the best of friends

Life's a happy game
You could clown around forever
Neither one of you sees your natural boundaries
Life's one happy game

The Fox and the Hound (OST) - The Best of Friends

russell & lance: hey scradley....
we get up, we get down 
sometimes we just clown around 
what we make is what we feel 
bradley: yeah like mealworms from uranus 

Cartoon Songs - Stickin' Around Opening

Little girl, can't you see?

Silly girl, don't let me down
When other friends start to clown around
Come on and love me, it'll be alright
Love me, every day, every night

Freddie & The Dreamers - Silly Girl

A formula[fn]a wine[/fn] for 10 euros, baby, I'll bring you to a fast lunch
Then we'll brush our teeth with the new Oral-B[fn]toothbrush[/fn]
Its easy, you just press here and it starts turning
You clown around, you're not very sane
I'll clean your Art Et Fenêtre[fn]A French window company[/fn] windows with Apta Vitres[fn]A French window cleaner[/fn]
Have a cut? Use Hansaplast[fn]A band-aid brand[/fn]

Squeezie - Product Placement

Just a little to hit the spot
A whirling dervish in a flurry
A fox to trot
Come clown around, a robot
Doing the astronaut

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Turn It Again