Coda di lupo (English translation)

  • Artist: Fabrizio De André
  • Song: Coda di lupo 6 translations
  • Translations: English, French, German, Occitan, Portuguese, Spanish


When I was a child I fell in love with everything, I ran after dogs
and from March to February my grandpa watched over
the stream of horses and cows,
over my and your business:
and never believe in the god of the English
And when I was two hundred moons old, maybe more, maybe less,
I stole my first horse and they made me into a man
I changed my name into Wolftail,
I changed my poney for a dumb horse
and never believe in their losing god
It fell about in the night of the long-tailed star,
we found grandpa crucified on the church,
crucified with forks that are used for dinner,
he was dirty and clean with blood and with cream
and never believe in their greedy god
I was eighteen or so and didn't smell of snake anymore
I had an iron bar a hat and a sling
and one gala soirée, with a sharp-edged stone
I killed a tuxedo and stoled it to him
and never believe in the Scala god
Then we came back to Brianza to open buffalo shooting
they made us breath and urine tests,
we were explained the thing by an Andalusian poet,
"for buffalo shooting", said he, "there's numerus clausus"
and never believe in a happy end god
I was already old when near Rome, in Little Big Horn,
a short-haired general made us a college speech
on our brothers in blue overalls burying their war axes
but we didn't smoke with him, he didn't come in peace
and never believe in a plodder god
And now that I've burnt twenty children on my marital bed
that I vented my wrath upon a whole studio
that I learnt to fish with hand grenades
that I was graved in tears on the Arch of Trajan,
with a glass spoon I will dig in my story,
but I strike somewhat at random, my memory's gone
and never
and never
and never believe,
and never believe in a breathless god.
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Author's comments:

In this son De Andrè starts "from a distance", and using a ruse, speaking in Italian history that post-war comes to 1977, looking in that mirror that are Native Americans. he sing in this song, written in 1978, the true and final conflict that has marked the history of Italian society: that between an extreme radical left and the largest communist party in Europe, incapable, in its narrow-mindedness, to understand the impulse to real change. A Left unable to exploit even the election victory of 1975, he occupied as he was to make the profession of morality and austerity. The accusation was not that of not having made the revolution in Italy. But it prevented!

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Coda di lupo