Coisa De Pele (English translation)

English translation

The Issue of Skin Color

We can smile
Nothing prevents us
You can not escape
That issue of skin color
Felt by us
Untying the knots
We now know
Not everything that is good comes from outside
It's our song
In the streets and bars
Brings us the reason
Recalling palmares
It was good to insist
To compose and to listen
Resist if you can
The strength of our pagodes
And samba becomes
The silent prisoner of our drums
And a banjo releases
The throat of the people and their emotions
Providing more food
To the composers head
Eternal stronghold of peace
Dawning of the various features of love
Folk Art from our floor
It's the people who produce the show and give it direction (x2)
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Coisa De Pele

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dowlenon1dowlenon1    Sun, 14/10/2012 - 13:04

Your translation was excellent, not corrections or suggestions to be said, perfect! Teeth smile