Colégio (English translation)

English translation

High School

It rings
The noisy school bell
Where two bells toll
They tried to hide themselves
In the new building
She was a new lady
He was a nobody
Two teams are playing soccer
The skinny kid touched the ball with his hand
Get out of the field, stupid!
You better go play your guitar instead
I really don't like wasting my time
Why don't you go f*** yourself
Don't bite my mouth now
Cause I'll bleed your name
I can destroy your reputation
Cause folks here at school like
Whom I say is worth of
And you are as good as dead to me
They climb up
The gray and white stairsteps of the school
Where people become brothers
He tried to understand
After a while
Was all that effort worth?
What would he remember?
Hang in there
Cause we have now arrived in Iraq
Cause Disney is well past behind us
One day you guys will get down on your knees
And thank me
We prepare you for life
And life will be merciless
I narrate
Hey, Bianchi, you narrate Bonfá
Romerete just called
And Theozin has yet to come
Without dress shoes, I will wear sneakers
I rhyme verbs without knowing how to rhyme
I climb the stairs to the top floor
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Alma BarrocaAlma Barroca    Sat, 23/03/2019 - 13:25

Hi. Thanks for the translation. It's good, but there are some minor things you should alter, as it's inaccurate.

- two bells tolls > two bells toll
- The skinny kid touch > The skinny kid touches
- Why don't you go f*** yourself > You can use heavier language in translations
- stair steps > stairsteps